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project, she is taking on the challenging role of the late legendary former texas governor ann richards, an outspoken, passionate liberal leader who left a huge impact on her conservative state of texas. richards' long, lone start state career began in the 1950s and included landmark political battles with the texas bury rock see on issues including civil rights, abortion, and gun control and the budget. she governed texas from 1991 to 1995 when she lost a fierce election to george w. bush, whose father she once famously said was, quote, born with a silver foot in his mouth. her one-woman play gives us new insite into the private life of a woman who tried to create a new texas and opening its prebroad way run this week in washington at the kennedy center. welcome. >> what a mouthful that was. >> that was. >> i got through all of that. i didn't want to do a one-person show at this time in my life, and b, i didn't go looking for a subject. this subject found me. it was really a case of being very inspired in the months after her death. a sense of loss for myself personally. she meant more
the plastic soup and the pacific ocean i read it is the size of two states of texas. we could cut that in half would plastic debris in this mothering of aquatics life would work if it was just one state of texas instead of two states? i don't think so. we just have to cut back rather what we hope is about changing the system itself is it reminds me of another problem of the scarcity frame we think of the problem out there and don't look at the fact we have hit the limits to feed people. we don't see the enormous waste built into the food system where less than half of the grain that we produce goes directly to human beings. 1/3 goes to animals, and one-third of our fish catch those two animals. that is before you mentioned 30 or 40% of the third is wasted a lot of it because of the concentration of wealth they cannot store the food that they grow effective way. but how can we have hit the limits? fifty-five% through a 87% of the energy produced is wasted. but to explore, i get curious, what is it about this system of concentration of decision-making ending at generating more waste and what we
of people. this was after a football game in texas. you see the effort going on there to try to stop this runaway cart. they finally did. questions this morning about why it was going on its own in the first place. >>> also, many of you need to be prepping for a major winter storm that's expected to drop up to 15 inches of snow. our reynolds wolf is all over this. he'll be along in a moment. >>> it started as shock and awe nearly nine years ago. it's ended with sand and dust on a desert highway headed into kuwait. the last convoy of u.s. troops has left iraq. watch. [ horn ] >> a much different scene from the shock and awe that we saw of nine years ago almost. the pictures from overnight, cover of darkness going through the middle of the desert. about 500 u.s. service members from ft. hood, texas, traveling. about 110 military vehicles made a five-hour nighttime trip from camp adder into kuwait. the route was cleared of any roadside bombs by the first elements of the convoy. navy, air force, and marine aircraft covered the pull-out from above. at the border crossing, cnn caught up wi
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in the middle of a football field after a game. this was happening at cowboy stadium in texas. you see they finally get it stopped but a couple of people had to go to the hospital. >>> also, many of you are getting ready for the holidays, getting ready to travel somewhere. some of you need to be getting ready for snow. a major winter storm expected to drop more than a foot of snow in a number of places. reynolds wolf will have the very latest on what you need to know. >>> you'll remember it started with shock and awe for america's long military involvement in iraq is now over. the last convoy left iraq and arrived in kuwait overnight. cnn was at the border crossing for this historic moment. >> it's been in planning for more than a year now. tremendous amount of coordination and synchronization every day but the amount of bases we've closed, redeployed equipment, brought all these troops out, it is quite a accomplishment. >> it is a feeling of elation. it really is. to see what we've accomplished in the last 8 1/2 years and to be part of the last movement out of iraq, hard to put words
and wearing green pajamas and poka dots. take a look at this from the stadium in dallas, texas, a run away cart, oh, my gosh, plows over a bunch of people after a championship game. one man taken to the hospital with a leg injury and another was hurt, but not seriously. someone finally jumped on the electric cart and stopped it. those are your headlines. >> hate when that happens. >> check with rick reichmuth. i felt he was controlling with it his aye phone. >> that's scary. >> another dry day across the east, the coldest all winter, bundle up as you're heading out this morning. blizzard watches pushing for parts of the plains, that's for, i'll show you that and some severe weather threats across texas as well. and the setup today, not looking that bad. yesterday was pretty calm and a little snow across the great lakes and we'll see that again. and the counter clock wise disturbance about to change everything. a lot of people possibly travelling this week for christmas. the setup on the radar, not looking like frp right now. but throughout the day today. in across arizona and new mexico an
female soldier was specialist britney hampton, from texas. >> i'm just proud, honestly. i'm glad it's over. a sense of relief. >> reporter: military families like hers carried the burden of this war. other americans at times preferred to ignore. hampton's father served four tours in iraq. she's finishing one. her fiance did one too. >> we're going to have christmas at our house this year. that's all i'm looking forward to, all i can think about. >> reporter: now it is over, after many are struggling with injuries, trauma, divorce and anger. today, the troops left with their spirits high. >> it is a great day for not just for me, but for everybody. all the sacrifices the united states made and over the course of the iraq war. >> reporter: a controversial war, perhaps not mission accomplished, but at least now mission complete. also, lester, after all of these years of war, the iraqis have paid a heavy price, about 150,000 iraqis killed since the conflict began. and here it is, lester, the last vehicle. and you can see where the soldiers wrote in chalk, just that, last vehicle out of
and assaulted her. he had been previously convicted of rape in texas and officials say he was spotted in san diego earlier this week but he got away. >>> a san jose woman faces felony charges for a string of jewelry thefts involving grade school students. sonya va last quez went to six campuses between october and november to find her young victims. she claimed to be a friend and asked to see their gold necklaces and replaced them with costume necklaces. police believe she sold the necklaces to jewelry stores. >>> dozens of people are out of their apartments after a fast moving fire. >> reporter: it took just minutes for a small fire to spread through this 18 unit apartment complex on sure point court. >> we had two floors involved in the fire and six units that were occupied and six families that are now displaced and we are trying to get a count on that right now. >> reporter: an estimated 60 firefighters fought the blaze that started before 11:00 this morning on the 2nd floor. >> as we were running by the actual apartment in flames, a guy had a fire extinguisher and he was backing out.
the pipe line. the key stone pipe line would run from canada to texas and create thousands of jobs along the way. mr. obama said he would postpone the decision on key stone until after the presidential election next year. the president making no reference to the pipe line today. >> i am pleased see the work that the senate has gonedone and agreement is for two months and my expectation and inexcusable for congress not to extend the tax cut for the rest of the year it should be a formality and hopefully done with as little drama as possible when they get income in january. >> the senate avoiding a shut down. and approving a spending bill to fund programs through next september. and the house passing it earlier this week and today's action not without fireworks. arizona senator john mccain. >> it is outrageous. i have amendments to save the taxpayers billions of dollars associated with this bill but never mind, because we are going to go home for christmas. >> and a legislation winning approval by scen-and a short time ago. the president signed the new spending bill in law. edhenry is live
. >> saturday's compromise requires the president to speed up a decision on an oil pipeline from canada to texas. he wanted to delay that decision on the controversial project, but republicans say it will bring much needed jobs. members of the house are expected to return next week to debate the payroll tax extension. the senate also passed a $1 trillion year end bill by a 67- 32 vote. it includes day-to-day budgets for ten cabinet departments and military operations in iraq and afghanistan. it also fills in details of the budget tax reached last summer that holds the pentagon to the smallest increase in recent memory. and poses modest cuts on most domestic agencies. >>> in the philippines, devastating flash floods are being blamed for more than 400 deaths. many of the victims were asleep friday night as flood waters triggered by a tropical storm tore through homes and villages. piles of debris were left in the wake of the storm. survivors waded through swollen rivers and flooded streets to reach safety. >> occupy wall street protesters have been arrested in two cities. new york city police arr
to texas, the measure would be paid by the fee from family and freddie mac. >>> it was not be excusable for congress to extend this middle class tax cut . >> the house will act on the bill next week. >>> and police arrest two men, and yet another man in a homicide case this week. michael miller turned himself in on thursday, the victim, 48- year-old jeff patterson was found dead from blunt force trauma on monday. deputies initially arrested a man who was released on monday, a second man was arrested but released without charges. >>> and a registered sex offender accused of kidnapping and raping a woman in oakley now is behind bars. steven clark was arrested around midnight at the cathedral hill neighborhood. the contra costa sheriff's department says he became friends with a woman on saturday, and then kidnapped her and raped her at his home. he had previously been convicted of raping another woman in texas. >>> and san jose police arresting a woman regarding theft. they say that 28-year-old sandy velazquez claimed to be a friend, and now faces six counts of felony grand theft. >> and
tonight and the tax code incentives for green technology and allowances made nor industry. as texas governor you have afforded the same attention to the oil industry. back in 2003 you signed a bill that reduced the tax paid by some natural gas companies that helped them reap since better than 7 billion north dakota tax savings. i guess what i'm saying is aren't you guilty the same behavior as governor, favoring an industry that you claim this president has favoring the green industry? >> today is the 220th anniversary of the signing of the bill of rights. and one of those the 10th amendment i like a lot. and the reason is that is because that is how our founding fathers saw this country he set up. where we have these laboratories of i innovation. it should be in the purr are sue and decision making process of a state if they want to put tax policies in place that helps make them be more competitive injuries we also did it for the alternative energy industry and win industry. they came in droves and made texas the number one wind energy producing state in the nation but government sh
of buffalo and light showers in texas. again, we're going to see big time changes and all because of this low pressure system across the southwest that is starting to bring in light showers across the phoenix area and parts of the southern california. as we head into tonight and tomorrow, this system is going to get its act together and pulling a lot of moisture and cold air. we'll start to look at potential blizzard conditions for northeast new mexico all the way up to western portions of kansas. we do have advisories issued with a lot of snow in the forecast for those areas, that includes the texas panhandle and oklahoma panhandle up to 18 inches of snow could fall. of course, with a blizzard it's not the amount of snow but the winds and those cold temperatures. wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. very significant blowing and drifting. there are a number of blizzard watches across northeast new mexico and oklahoma panhandle and with the same storm system on the warm side of it, very strong thunderstorms with potential for severe weather across texas and also parts of southwestern louisiana
. the troops in that last convoy are from the first calvary division based at ft. hood, texas. marking the historic occasion. you can see the vehicle i took a photograph of earlier. last vehicle out of ish rack. the reason this vehicle was the last one is because it was being used as a medevac vehicle. at the end of the convoy, in case it needed to rescue anyone attacked. but it never did. >> richard, i got to tell you. seems like a lifetime ago, i was at msnbc, you were in iraq as the war began. you have been there virtually nonstop. what are your emotions on this day, watching it come to a close? >> reporter: since we're here with the troops, it's a time for them to reflect on what they've seen. many troops have been here on three, sometimes four tours in iraq. and now they know they are not going to have to go back. some of these troops are thinking ahead that they will have to deploy eventually to afghanistan. but this is a day for the troops for many americans, closure to the iraq war. what happens next remains unclear. a very large u.s. embassy presence, thousands of contractors
across much of the region tomorrow. texas and oklahoma are expecting up to 15 inches of snow. >>> so we begin our political hour with some key endorsements for republican presidential candidate mitt romney. the latest comes from former gop presidential nominee bob dole. dole announced his choice in an advertisement in today's des moines register. he says he's the best candidate suited to beat president obama in 2012. dole's public backing comes a day after the des moines paper announced its support for romney. the state's largest newspaper says the former massachusetts governor is the most qualified candidate competing in the caucuses. >>> the conservative christian group the family leader is expected to release its endorsement in the next 24 hours. cnn political reporter shannon travis joins us from des moines. any word on who the family leader will be supporting? >> reporter: yeah, fred. no firm word on who the family lead will endorse yet or whether it will endorse. it is important to note that sources tell me they're deadlocked now between four candidates essentially. michele bachma
that played into his famous dissent in the flag-burning case? >> we start the lookout with the case of texas versus johnson. this was a case where a young man helped burn the american flag in dallas, texas and they had a law making it a crime to desecrate a national symbol such as the american flag so he was convicted. it's a freedom of political speech. it didn't have a lot of interest, it had a great deal of interest publicly because the original george bush was making a big thing about the flag waving a type of politics and was accusing dukakis, what was his first man i forgot, michael dukakis of being soft on patriotism. but anyway, everyone expected stevens who had a reputation as being pro free speech to oppose the state in affect and he didn't. he wrote a dissent saying that in this case the burning of the flag or of the symbol has tremendous value just as a political object and he felt in this case because i was the flag and not some other document or something like that that it should be kept coming and he cites in the decision not personally but he does allude to the world war ii e
. >>> and out of control. take a look at this. a terrifying incident at cowboy stadium in texas as a runaway electric car plows into a group of people. this morning there are injuries, and the big question is, how could this happen? >>> good morning, everybody. let's take a look at that video again. the cart was being used to pick up yard markers from the field. it looks like somehow one of the markers got stuck in the accelerator. one of the head coaches got hit there. we'll have the full story coming up. >> it was a high school football championship game. that was the winning coach from the team that got hit. so a lot of people there were terrified. we'll have more on that story coming up. >>> also, we have a lot of fun stuff to get to this morning like the holiday movie scenes we're so fascinated with like the tongue stuck on that frozen pole in "the christmas story." is all of this scientifically possible? how will clark griswold speeding down the hill in "christmas vacation" work out? our meteorologist ginger zee finds out for real. >> i don't think she was willing to do the tongue thin
in texas which often has the most in the country, just 13 executions this year, about half of last year's total. illinois this year took the death penalty off the books entirely. in oregon, governor john kitzhaber barred executions as long as he's in office, calling them morally wrong. >> i refuse to be part of a compromised neck roll system any longer. >>> three more states, california, connecticut and maryland, may consider repealing capital punishment next year. and a recent gallup poll shows that, while 61% of americans say they favor the death penalty, that's the least support since 1970s. even so, 34 states retain the death penalty. supporters say it's imposed less often not because jurors think it's unfair but because a sentence of life without parole doesn't invite decades of legal appeals. another factor, they say, violent crime is down. >> it's not that society no longer supports the death penalty. it's the fact that there are just fewer murders in the united states by almost 50%. and that's good news. >> reporter: whatever the reasons, the numbers show that while the death pe
. >> nearly 8,000 miles away in ft. hood, texas the wait is almost over. 5-year-old scotty matthews, clutching his papa bear is counting the days. latasha green and children are counting the hours. >> our family will be complete. >> reporter: their soldier started the long trip home more than a week ago. james quarter, larry green and theron matthews, three men, 11 iraq tours between them. >> what has been lost here and what has been gained here is close to my heart. >> reporter: but as they left iraq, their thoughts were only on that one place, nearly $8,000 mi miles away. larry green hasn't seen any one of his three children, first step or heard their first words and now, after all of those years, all of those tours, the moment. 5-year-old scotty matthews, marked the days off on a calendar by his bed and every night, reading the book with his dad's photos in it. now, scott's dad is home to read the book to his son. the most simple of joy, being shared across the nation tonight by military families, who have sacrificed so much. martha raddatz, abc news, baghdad. >> a dad's kiss for his little
pretty good. we're the national champions in job creation back in texas. am i read difficult for the next level? let me tell you, i hope i am the tim tebow of the iowa caucuses. >> okay, "snl" just last night. roll it. >> you're welcome, all right? yes, i, jesus christ, indeed the reason you've won your past six football games. >> i knew it! >> tim, easy, easy. buddy, leave a little room for the holy ghost, okay? >> he's factoring in the process. will, what do you make of that? >> you know, it's hard not to get into this tebow phenomenon. here is a guy who basically has less talent than every other quarterback out there. this morning i saw they were playing a kipp ling poems interlaced with the critics saying he'll never make it. yet he keeps winning. not total lack of talent, but less talent. for that to be invoked in politics, that's great. >> l.z, was that a gasp? >> dude, the thing with athletes is so many times people focus in so much of what they can't do, they overlook what they can do. there's a lot of things that tim dee tee bow does that no other quarterback in the nfl can do. y
is over. the payroll tax -- the fight over the payroll texas is over d payroll tax is over but only for a few weeks. >> it's the season of giving but not many people are donating this year. >> a special bell ringer. this salvation army volunteer was on his feet for more than 36 hours straight. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. clear sky right now giving way to cold temperatures tonight. and as we enter the last few days of fall, winter arrives next week, will we see any rain? we'll look at the forecast coming up. 0p8t you can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to jierk nat -- >>> senate lawmakers made some progress today. >> under the previous order, hr3630 as amended is passed. >> in an 89-10 vote the senate passed a measure for the two-month extension of the payroll tax cut after they failed to agree on a longer one. >> today i'm glad that both parties in congress came together, and i want to thank them for ensuring that as we head into the holidays, folks at home don't have to worry about their taxes going up. >> reporter: the presiden
the legend in the home base in fort hood, texas. they could not be happier and i am sure moms and dads are watching now. it is again a bitter sweet moment. i wish we could say iraq was a stable democracy but they have a chance. with american blood and money. but they have a chance now to make something of themselves. >> and yes, all of the troops are not out. there is 156 american troops to stay and do trainning and other important crucial mission. >> and the 1600 person u.s. embassy operation and they will be protected by service contractor and 15,000 americans back there and as you noted and we all noted and the war goes on in various ways it is unsettled. >> but this and what started as operation rook iraqi freedom with shock and awe, we remember that drama and forces and marines and third id crossing the burm and coming from kuwait to iraq. we did it with optimism and in baghdad in a couple of weeks and then ali babas and the thieves started and anarchy and looting started and that matacicized in the iraqi insurgency and getting it from the shiite militia and the sunni tribes and t
to pull in ahead of this, so thunderstorms could be severe. primarily into southeastern parts of texas. that will be the area we're watching. look at that snow beginning to accumulate. albuquerque several inches. you can see that big bull's eye of where we expect the heaviest of snow accumulations. those of you in the east coast say this isn't going to affect me. well this is heading your way likely more of a rainmaker than anything else, but just a head's up for your wednesday. >> all right. have the slickers ready. umbrellas. thanks so much, jacqui. >>> thousands of military veterans back home, but not out of harm's way. intensifying help to prevent post-war tragedies. and fewer marriages taking place in the united states. coming up, details on why couples are saying i don't. >>> the last of the u.s. combat troops left iraq and crossed into kuwait, but for some war veterans, transitioning is the hardest part. and that's why in large part, veterans account for 20% of all u.s. suicides. at the veterans crisis line, they're trying to help. >> thanks for calling the hotline, this is scot
the president speed up a decision on an oil pipeline from canada to texas. he wanted to delay a decision on the controversial project. but republicans say it will bring much-needed jobs. >> everybody in washington says they want more american jobs right now. well, here's the single largest shovel-ready project in america. it is literally ready to go. >> reporter: members of the house are expected to return next week to debate the payroll tax extension. drew levinson, cbs news. >>> ground zero of the "occupy" movement makes a dramatic comeback. how protestors made their move on holy ground. >>> a marine asking the first lady a question that caught her off guard. >>> doesn't feel like christmas out there. mostly clear cool nights with mild temperatures continuing as the dry pattern will likely carry through the holiday weekend. i'll have the forecast details coming up next. a chain-link fence to establish a camp site. earlier >>> dozens of "occupy" wall street protestors were arrested today when they tried to climb over a chain-link fence to establish a campsite. earlier "occupy wall stree
. the ron paul m.d -- >> rick perry, who applauded the health care plan and forced the bills in texas to be injected with an std vaccine. >> question, does the first place showing in iowa mean winning the nomination? >> for ron paul, no, it does not, john. but a first-place showing in iowa from ron paul, which is a real possibility, would bring newt gingrich's surge outs of the water. gingrich would then get his first opportunity to win in south carolina, and even if he won that he hey not get the nomination this. would be dynamite because ron paul would get a normal national attention, he would rise in new hampshire, not to the point where he could beat romney but wipe out newt gingrich there. i think the strategic asset of mitt romney now is ron paul and i'm sure they're go, ron, go! >> i don't think it's ron paul's intention, but he is serving the republican establishment that wants to slow or stop newt gingrich. if ron paul wins in iowa, everybody will say isn't that nice? but he won't be nominee. there are two things you can say about ron paul, though. he is consistent, and he is
a speech by cindy shehanshehan, known for s up camp outside george w. bush's texas ranch in 2005 after her son was killed in the iraq war. >> we start to really work locally to make our communities and our families and our neighborhoods stronger, then i think that will, by osmosis, take power and money away from the 1%. >> open kerry carry advocates were protesting open carry bans that go in effect next month. >>> stephen clark taken into custody after spotted in the sbekz of golf and gary. he is booked in on kidnapping and rape charges. he was the focus of an intense manhunt when he was spotted near san diego. >>> a strange and dangerous story out of santa clara home made guns, bombs, and ammunition found at a house after responding to a call of gunfire at the residence. 45-year-old daniel tapas arrested after police negotiationed with him to come out of his home on rosemont drive. four impro fized explosive devices, three home made guns, two blow guns and hundreds of rounz of ammunition. the bomb squad had to dispose of two explosive devices after found to be unstable. neighbors told us
. >> saturday's compromise requires the president speed up a decision on an oil pipeline from canada to texas. he wanted to delay a decision on the controversial project, but republicans say it will bring much needed jobs. >> everybody in washington says they want more american jobs right now. well here's the single largest shovel ready project in america. it is literally ready to go. >> members of the house are expected to return next week to debate the payroll tax extension. drew levenson. >>> drivers in southern california, or anybody heading there for the holidays are breathing a sigh of relief. crews work around the clock to demolish part of a freeway overpass. a tanker truck carrying 8800 gallons of gas started a fire. the reopening brings an end to three grueling days of gridlock. >>> in the philippines, more than 520 people are dead after flash floods devastated a southern region. most of the victims were sleeping when raging flood waters came down from the mountains after 12 hours of rain. hundreds of others climbed to the rooftops. the area is not used to the typhoons that happen
, i see you. we have somebody from pittsburg. who else? texas. yay, ok. who else? what other states are represented? oregon. where is maria? maria is from oregon, right? oh, washington state, sorry. who else? ok, good old california. san francisco, daly city, concord, danville, oakland, vallejo, san diego. oh, we have the honorable arlee from san diego. come on, thank you. who else? hercules, california, yay. you know, this evening is really the mayor's reception, the san francisco bay area mayor's reception. did you know that there are three women members of fwn and honorees of the 100 most influential filipino women are mayors in the san francisco bay area? yay. i want to call up here -- come on up here, mayor of hercules, california. she was in the summit in 2006. do you want to tell the story ? >> congratulations to the 100 most influential filipino women. i attended first in 2006. and i was a planning commissioner then and i wanted to quit politics. i hated politics. but the summit inspired me. and merilee kept saying we needed more women in visible and a mainstream positions i
city, democrats line, good morning. we will try one more time. we will go to texas, on a republican line. caller: good morning. the payroll tax cut shuffling and the act -- and the pipeline still was attached to it even though opec came by the green vote, the idea is is easier to clean up the spill outside the washington instead of land. that is a side note. reducing the payroll tax reduction is small. it reduces social security payouts. we don't need that right now. social security is going bankrupt host: will go to las vegas independent line. caller: 51 to extend the tax cut, then pay for it. no one is talking about the most important issues. i have tried to catch all the republican debates and not one candidate in these debates has said the word "campaign finance reform" goldman sachs or glass- steagall. the people running for president of united states or the president of united states, none of them will actually engage these issues. nothing is going to change. all of it will just be temporary, gimmicky propaganda. host: thank you for the call. here are a couple of the e-mails
in on republican demand to quickly decide on whether to bill an oil pipeline from canada to texas. >> it is my expectation in fact it would be inexcusable for congress not to further extend this middle class tax cut for the rest of the year. >> the spending bill includes day-to-day budgets for ten cabinet departments. it gives the pentagon a small increase. >>> california senator barbara boxer joined the president in supporting a yearlong extension of the payroll tax cut paid for by a new tax on wealthy meshes. she said quote we should extend these priorities by asking millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share because those offsets won't dampen economic growth. >>> a new poll shows growing discontent with president obama. the associated press poll shows 52% of adults say the president should be voted out of office. when he was matched against the two republican front runners. mr. obama had a 1% lead over mitt romney and 9% lead over newt gingrich. >>> a historic peninsula post office could soon be up for sale. the building located on hamilton avenue will be sold as a nation-wide ef
sense. i like what we did. i'm proud of what we did. i'm not going to tell texas what texas has to do or california or new york. i think the ideas that we put forward work. we'll see which parts of them work and which don't. but i'm not as president of the united states going to do what this president did. which is to impose his will on the entire nation. the 10th amendment says states can craft their own plans if they like what they say and i think ours is a model that they can look at it, take pieces of it, try it, improve upon it. if they like what they see, they'll use it. if they don't, they'll use something better. >> governor romney, we have to take a break here but when we come back, we're going to talk some foreign policy and i'm also going to try to persuade the governor to get personal. back in a moment. [ nadine buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, you know, typical alarm clock. i am so glad to get rid of it. just to be able to wake up in the morning on your own. that's a big accomplishment to me. i don't know how much money i need. but i know that whatever i have that's what i'm
said four years ago. >> i'm not going to tell texas what texas has to do or california or new york. i think the ideas that we put forward work. we will see which parts work and which don't. i'm not as president of the united states going to do what this president did which is to impose his will on the entire nation. the 10th amendment says states can craft their own plans. if they like what they say and i think ours is a model they can look at and take pieces of and try it and improve upon it. if they like what they see they will use it if they don't they will use something better. >> chris: we have to take a break here. when we come back we will talk foreign policy and i will also try to persuade the governor to get personal. back in a moment. [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes? but you've got a meat and potatoes guy? pour chunky sirloin burger soup over those mashed potatoes and dinner is served. four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky -- it's amazing what soup can do. spark card from capital one. spark cash gives me the most rewards of any small business credit
it and it flashed out texas instruments on this during -- screen. i went to a library there and talk to and asked the as the library and what books were popular. he said obviously the works of the great leader kim il-sung and his wonderful song kim jong-il. any other books or any other orders that people read and he could not name a single one. that to me really encapsulated why it is closed society, north korea is 17 times poorer than south south korea which is an open society and so you start to look at what happens when people move and the book is full of examples, divided into different sections. there's the business side and the politics side of the technology side. i can go through some of them if you would like. >> host: absolutely. i love this anecdote of the most isolated country arguably in the world and bordered by the same language, same culture in many ways. one of the most vibrant and strongest economy of the world. we can go back to south korea but i wonder if in some ways, if south korea's success is, because one could argue that after the war, that a very authoritative, authorita
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